Body Tours!

shapeimage_2As a part of our study of human body systems, the fifth graders of Southfield Christian School used their imagination and the information that they learned to create “tours” of the various body systems. Be prepared to vacation at the “Pancreas Hotel,” take a water park ride through the circulatory system, or rock climb up the muscular system!

A special thank you to ING Insurance and the Unsung Heros Award that provided the money to purchase the Hyperstudio 5 software used to create our “tours” as a part of our “Game Plan Project.”

Our students would love for you to visit the project website, watch their projects, and leave a comment or two!  Thanks!

Body Tours Podcast Page

Fifth graders, leave a comment here letting me know what you liked best about doing the Body Tours project.  What could I do to improve the project next year?

Testing Chemical and Physical Changes

On Thursday we did an experiment to test for Chemical and Physical changes. We tested baking soda, talcum powder, cornstarch, and baking powder using water, iodine, and vinegar. We recorded our observations and decided if the reaction was a chemical or physical change. We also talked about using constants and variables in our experiment. Students, leave a comment letting me know something you learned from this experiment!

Here are some of our future scientists in action:





iFifth on a Roll!

During the past 2 weeks our students have enjoyed a roller skating unit in PE class.  Here is a little video showing the iFifth class in action.  Students, leave a comment and let me know what you liked best about roller skating!