All about our Eco-Issue Podcasts

In November, our students studied many issues related to ecology including landfills, recycling, endangered animals, and water purification. As a final project, students worked either alone or in groups to create a public service announcement podcast that talked about one of the issues and possible solutions. The students were extremely creative and their scripts included commercials, radio shows, songs, raps, and dramatic stories.

The students used the iTalk app on my iPhone to record the podcasts. I love this app! (And yes, I did trust my dear iPhone in the hands of my students, but an iPod Touch with a mic should work as well.  I have a Switcheasy ThumbTack Microphone which works nicely on the iTouch.)  I had the students go into the hall for quiet, they used the keypad to type their names as the file name, and then they pressed the big red button to start and stop recording.   It was easy for the students to use and the sound quality was great. When they were done,  I was able to wirelessly connect to my laptop to download the podcasts. I edited and combined the audio files together using Garageband.

We hope you enjoy these podcasts. The students would love for you to add your comments after listening! Thanks!

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