Invitation to Classes Studying Explorers

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Over the past few weeks our fifth grade classes have been studying the Age of Exploration.  Each student was given an explorer to research and was asked to write blog posts as if they were the explorer.  Then each explorer had to go and leave comments on other explorer’s blogs, noting areas of similarity, agreement, or disagreement.  This has been an amazing activity and the students have created thoughtful postings and comments.  This was my first time using Kidblogs, and I highly recommend it as a excellent tool for student bloggers.

Here are the blogs from our classes:

Bosch Explorer Blogs

Veldman Explorer Blogs

Is your class studying explorers?  If so, we are inviting them  to visit our blog!  An easy way for your students to interact with our class would be let them read our blog and respond by commenting to the posts.  Please have them comment as if they were talking to the explorer, not the student.  In return, we would be happy to connect with your class regarding an online project that you have created.

If you are interested in connecting with us, please contact me by leaving a comment below or by emailing me  here.  Currently, comment moderation is turned on for the students’ blogs, so I need to know if you are planning to leave comments.  Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Invitation to Classes Studying Explorers

  1. Oh Kath, the students are going to be soooo excited to see the comments today! Your students are leaving such excellent comments. Thanks!

  2. The blogs are a good way to give these kids a real live audience. I think I might have my 5th graders stop by this week and leave some comments 🙂

    You also might want to show your students the explorer commercials done by some of my 5th graders at the beginning of the year ( ).

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