Campaign for Kindness Prezi based on I Corinthians 13

Over the past few months, our class has been spending part of our devotional time each week talking through parts of I Corinthians 13.  I put together this “Prezi” online presentation which incorporated many of the students’ ideas.  We’ve called our presentation “Campaign for Kindness” since the goal was for the students to purpose to be kind to one another. Click on the link below to see the presentation:

Campaign for Kindness

Students, please leave a comment telling me one or two things or ideas from our Campaign for Kindness that you learned or that you are trying to put into action.

“What’s Been in your Bin” Survey Results

It certainly has been interesting to track the results of our “What’s Been in your Bin” survey. Thank you to everyone who participated!  We are going to spend some time in class analyzing the data using the Google Spreadsheet. If you want to see a copy of the survey data in spreadsheet form, here is a link (scroll down to the bottom of the document to see the totals):

What’s Been in your Bin Spreadsheet

Fifth graders, take a look at the spreadsheet. Then leave a comment doing one or more of these things:

What is one interesting thing that you notice from the data?
What is one question that the data can answer?
What is one question you think we should include on the survey next time?
Write a math problem based on the data in the spreadsheet.
What is a conclusion that you can draw from the data about people’s recycling habits?

Here are some graphs that show our results:



Discussion Question – The First Week of Fifth Grade


I hope that all the fifth graders had a great start to school this week!  Today we learned how to leave comments at our blog and discussed some rules about being safe and proper when posting online.  Students, if you are checking the blog over the weekend, here is a question that you can answer:

What was your favorite part of the first week of school?

Have a good weekend and see you on Monday!  Love, Miss Bosch